What is EMR?


EMR stands for “electronic medical records.” When someone enters a medical office, the patient will fill out paperwork for medical staff to review. The old way used to be paper and pencil. Today, it’s with a tablet or computer.

The patient answers questions for the doctor’s office only — information is not shared with any other entity.

MaxilloSoft is software for oral medical facilities to collect and manage information about their patients at their business and practice. Our software is used by oral and maxillofacial surgeons, dental assistants, administrators, and receptionists.


MaxilloSoft offers AN exceptional experience for patients

Make a great first impression by knowing the patient’s name and the reason for their visit — right at your fingertips.

On average, waiting room time is reduced to an average of 15-20 minutes when using our software. A live timer allows team members to see each patient’s status and how long they’ve been waiting.

Our oral surgery software fits any sized practice that customizable to your business. If you’re a solo practice, we’ve got you covered. If you’re a multiple-surgeon organization, this software is for you.


Easy to use features

MaxilloSoft includes online intake forms that save you time, money, and energy.

“Form completion” reminders to patients increase compliance by 80 percent, which means less paperwork when patients arrive.

Automatically send appointment reminders so the patient knows exactly when they need to arrive for their consultation or oral surgery.
Online bill pay makes it convenient for patients to pay outstanding balances with a credit card and a few clicks.


Build, preview, and print reports

When all forms are finished, build and generate a printable report with all completed fields for additional review by the oral surgeon and medical staff. Gone are the days of forgetting information or not being able to read the completed documents.

Print a comprehensive report with data showing anesthesia dosage, procedure given, and how much it will cost.

To learn more about our software or to recommend a demo, click here.

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